Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Jane unwrapped the boxes.  Between linens and scarves, she happened upon small treasures.  "Portable Art," she called them.  A mirror from Spain.  The spray-painted stencil of a sandpiper came from her sister. They tell stories, she thought.

Jane placed a small Buddha statue, a memoir from Thailand, in a small alcove near her front door.  As she crossed the room, she stubbed her toe on the spine of a book.  "So many books," she thought.  Littered across the floors of her new apartment were tomes on education, journals of her past, picture books and novels.  Jane's fondness for books was something she had inherited from her mom.

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  1. Another snippet from your fictional characters, I've wondered what they've been up to for these last few months. I hope you will continue to treat us to these slices. I like the idea of portable art.

  2. Now I shall have to go and read about Sarah in past posts...
    Why has Jane traveled so much? Or is someone else traveling and sending her these things? I'll be back later. Perhaps with some answers after reading more.

  3. I love that your snippet, so short yet so jam-packed, inspires so much wonderment. I wonder about the stories and want to know more about them. Why did Jane move to a new place? Does Jane travel solo? I look forward to finding out more about this character.

  4. You could give us the links to other pieces when you share a new one. I'm interested, and want to know why Jane said they're interesting stories? With just your few lines, I want to know more.

  5. Be sure that each detail you've written has a reason to be there, a plan for further action.

  6. Welcome back.
    You get your reader curious about Jane by mentioning the objects she has. Where will you go next from here? More about the moving? Her travels? Her relationship with her mom?


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